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Pittidae Passeriformes.
Superfamilia - Pittoidea

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แต้วแล้วลาย Malayan Banded Pitta (female) - Pitta irena by Michael Gillam

World No
Common Name         
Scientific Name
3968Eared Pitta Anthocincla phayreiLeast ConcernTSN: 711470
3969Blue-naped PittaHydrornis nipalensisLeast ConcernTSN: 562238
3970Blue-rumped PittaHydrornis sororLeast ConcernTSN: 562245
3971Rusty-naped PittaHydrornis oatesiLeast ConcernTSN: 562240
3972Schneider's PittaHydrornis schneideriVulnerableTSN: 562243
3973Giant PittaHydrornis caeruleaNear ThreatenedTSN: 562224
3974Blue PittaPitta cyaneaLeast ConcernTSN: 562225
3975Javan Banded PittaHydrornis guajanaLeast ConcernTSN: 711668 -
Malayan banded pittaHydrornis irenaNear ThreatenedTSN: 711669
Bornean banded pittaHydrornis schwaneriLeast ConcernTSN: 711671
3976Bar-bellied PittaPitta elliotiiLeast ConcernTSN: 562228
3977Gurney's PittaPitta gurneyiEndangeredTSN: 562232
3978Blue-headed PittaPitta baudiiVulnerableTSN: 562222
3979Hooded PittaPitta sordidaLeast ConcernTSN: 562244 -
3980Ivory-breasted PittaPitta maximaLeast ConcernTSN: 562235
3981Superb PittaPitta superbaEndangeredTSN: 562247
3982Azure-breasted PittaPitta steeriiVulnerableTSN: 562246
3983Whiskered PittaPitta kochiLeast ConcernTSN: 562234
Sulawesi PittaPitta celebensisNo DataTSN: 711675
3984Red-bellied PittaPitta erythrogasterLeast ConcernNR
Papuan PittaPitta macklotiiNo dataNR
3985Sula PittaPitta dohertyiNear ThreatenedTSN: 711678
3986Blue-banded PittaPitta arcuataLeast ConcernTSN: 711471
3987Garnet PittaPitta granatinaNear ThreatenedTSN: 711699
3988Black-crowned PittaPitta venustaVulnerableTSN: 562248
3989African PittaPitta angolensisLeast concernTSN: 562220
3990Green-breasted PittaPitta reichenowiLeast concernTSN: 562242
3991Indian PittaPitta brachyuraLeast concernTSN: 562223
3992Fairy PittaPitta nymphaVulnerableTSN: 562239
3993Blue-winged PittaPitta moluccensisLeast concernTSN: 562237
3994Mangrove PittaPitta megarhynchaNear ThreatenedTSN: 562236
3995Elegant PittaPitta elegansLeast concernTSN: 711721
3996Rainbow PittaPitta irisLeast concernTSN: 562233
3997Noisy PittaPitta versicolorLeast concernTSN: 562249
3998Black-faced PittaPitta anerythraLeast concernTSN: 562219
Black-and-crimson PittaPitta ussheriNear ThreatenedTSN: 711700

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