Friday, 15 August 2008

Protect our Scottish Birds of Prey.

"The world can provide for all mans needs but not all mans greed".

This is been proven correct time and time again.
Mindless people exterminated the Osprey, White-tailed Sea-Eagle and almost saw off the Hen Harrier.
In Scotland it has been proven that available food governs grouse population, not predation.
Two scientists have called for a study into limiting the numbers of harriers.
This will not effect the number of grouse, this has been proven correct time and time again. How dare they suggest killing these magnificent birds especially as data is already available proving the futility of their idea. I thought scientists were supposed to look at facts before making assumptions.
We are used to scientist affiliated to the oil industry saying global warming isn't happening.
It will not satisfy any mans needs and sadly it wont even satisfy any man's greed.
If it was true that predation causes low grouse numbers we should ban shooting.

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